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Sl NO Authors Abstract Number Track Title
Best Paper Awards (Delegate Category)
1 Prof. Rojers Puthur Joseph 012 Entrepreneurship Women Entrepreneurs and Firm innovation: The influence of the ˜Wrong-Crowd" in Industry and the Role of Legitimacy.
2 Dr. Deepak R 172 Ecosystem Pedagogical and Learning Interventions in to Creating Startup Ecosystem in Higher Educational Institutes: Revisiting the Factors and Its Applicability.
3 Dr. Krishna Satyanarayana 114 Digital Transformation How Does Entrepreneurial Orientation influence Digitalization of a Firm? Exploring the Mediating Role of Opportunity Identification.
Best Paper Awards (Student Category)
1 Mr. Rishabh Goswami 120 Start-ups Venture Capitalists' Stake and Valuation of Privately-Held Firms in India.
2 Ms. Varsha Singh 054 Environments/Health Innovation & Policy ESG and Firm innovation: A World View.
Best Idea Awards
1 Ms. Anusha Sabhahit 134 Entrepreneurship The Investigation of the Network Pattern Evolution Across the Lifecycle Stages of Tech Start-Ups: An Empirical Analysis of Indian New Ventures.
2 Mr. Shashanka Keremane 033 Management of Technology A Study and Analysis of Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms on Diabetes Disease.
3 Ms. Layani Y 080 Management of Technology Developing A Model to Predict Crop Yield and Price in Karnataka Region Using Machine Learning.
4 Ms. Nikhitha N 104 Environments/Health Innovation & Policy The Analysis of the Impact on Food and Hygiene Products Post Covid-19.
Best Presentation Awards
1 Dr. Roohi Kursheed Khan S 053 Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Intentions- A Perception Study of Undergraduate Students.
2 Mr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar 123 Entrepreneurship Modelling Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Problem.
3 Ms. Jagriti Bhattacharyya 130 Start-ups Determinants of a Tech Start-Ups Access to VC Financing: What Marks Their Idiosyncrasies?
4 Dr. Sushil Chandra 138 Management of Technology Exploring the Relationship Between Innovativeness and Product Architecture: Evidence from Automotive Sector.
5 Mr. Muthukumaraswamy D P K 118 Digital Transformation/Economics of Technology/Science & Technology Policy Fabless Ecosystem Initiative of Government of Karnataka -An Review on the Impact, Progress and Challenges of the Policy.
6 Mr. Manoj Kumar 141 Regional Innovation/Technology&System Innovation/Environments/Health Innovation and Policy Corfablabs: Hotbeds for Innovation and Intrapreneurship within R&D Organizations.
7 Dr. Santhi Perumal 098 Climate Change/Education Comparative Study of Ecological Footprint of indian Companies Based on Carbon Dioxide Emission and Solar Energy Usage.
8 Mr. Suhans Bansal 133 Climate Change/Education Moderating Cyberbullying and Depression During Covid-19 in Indian College Students Via Gratitude.