Prof. M H Bala Subrahmanya

Conference Chairman & Professor
Department of Management Studies
Indian Institute of Science, IISc
Bangalore - 560012

Start-ups have an immense potential to emerge and succeed in emerging economies across Asia. Since the last decade, more and more start-ups have been emerging and contributing in terms of innovative solutions to varied socio-economic problems, employment generation, and income creation in different start-up hubs of Asia, particularly in India. India occupies a unique place in the global start-up landscape. As of now, India accounts for the third largest start-up ecosystem as well as third largest number of unicorns in the global economy. In the recent years, the number of unicorns emerged in India has substantially gone up indicating the development of ecosystems towards maturity for the promotion and sustenance of start-ups. This is significant because, the nature and variety of challenges that had emerged during the Covid-19 era would have been unique to start-ups as much as to the rest. However, the national and regional lockdowns, constraints imposed on supply chains, emphasis laid on digital payments and contact-less delivery of consumer items to households, industries and organizations created multiple opportunities for start-ups in diverse fields, apart from e-commerce.

Many of the start-ups rose to the occasion by seizing these opportunities, met their customer needs and grew remarkably. In the process, they brought out ‘key lessons’ on ‘how to deal with unprecedented challenges in difficult times’. It is pertinent to understand how did start-ups overcome their challenges, responded to the spurt in consumer demand, dealt with logistics and supply chain constraints, developed appropriate technologies for products and services, and stabilized themselves to grow beyond the Covid-19 Era.

It is precisely to discuss these issues on a common platform by bringing all the stakeholders of start-up ecosystems, researchers and policy makers that we organize the ASIP 2022 Conference with the theme, “Start-ups, Entrepreneurship & Regional Innovation in the Post Covid-19 Era” in Bangalore, the start-up capital of India. We welcome start-up founders; prospective start-up founders; technology and business mentors; Angels & Venture Capitalists; Chiefs of Accelerators, Business Incubators and Co-working spaces; Companies which nurture start-ups; faculty and student researchers in entrepreneurship, innovation, and entrepreneurial culture; and policymakers to take advantage of this unique event by joining us to deliberate on the aforesaid issues for mutual benefit, to further strengthen the start-up ecosystems for start-up prosperity.

Prof. Jeonghwan Jeon

Conference Chairman & Professor
Dean of University
GNU, Korea

Currently, the world is undergoing many changes due to the COVID-19 crisis. Digital transformation has accelerated and technology innovation taking place in various fields is taking importance. At this point, I would like to open a forum for technology innovation through relavant academic research results, presentations and discussions in the academic, industrial and public sectors.
The 12th ASIP conference will be held in Bangalore, India, from November 24 to 26, 2022. We would like to prepare and invite various academic programs at ASIP 2022 to all members and those interested in technological innovation. I hope many people will attend and discuss the future.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Bala and other organizational committees and all members of the academic society for their efforts to successfully hold this academic conference.